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Health Technology

The implications for healthy living, exhibited and discussed at the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show held January 5–8 in Las Vegas, NV, were life-changing. While head-spinning technology was everywhere, the ones that delivered what consumers and professionals perceive they need, are the technologies that will thrive.

It seems like the Internet of things in wellness is leading to the consumerization of healthcare and the medicalization of the consumer.

At a panel entitled “Clamoring for Connectivity: What Consumers and Physicians Need Right Now,” eloquently moderated by Jonathan Melnick of LUX RESEARCH, Olivier Hua, CEO of BewellConnect said, “While consumers are clamoring for connectivity, physicians need edited data that they can trust. Confidence in accuracy is paramount for success in today’s market and both professionals and consumers care about the outcome not the technology, so tangible services need to be provided.”

Here are some of the trends that stood out:

Need some help getting a good night’s sleep?

It has been shown in research studies that a person cannot very accurately report their own sleep quantity or quality. Emfit QS is the world’s first heart rate variability-enabled contactless sleep tracker. It is completely automatic, and installed in the bed under the mattress. When you go to sleep it automatically starts measuring and in the morning, the data is sent to your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What do you do when lying in bed with headphones on is uncomfortable and your partner wants to sleep silently? The ZEEQ Smart Pillow allows you to listen to your favorite music, meditation, audio books, and more as well as wake up to an alarm without disturbing your sleep partner.

Need absolute silence when catching Z’s? Cambridge Sound Management, Inc. offers Quiet Technology sound masking systems. The systems are simple and intelligently designed solutions to the problems of privacy and acoustic distractions and consume less power than a 40 watt light bulb per 180,000 square feet.

Effectively solve a series of your health problems by improving sleep quality and reignite your passion for life with PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses. Worn while you sleep these glasses can synchronize your biological clock to help get into a sleep routine, shorten the amount of time needed to fall asleep and increase your energy level for higher productivity.

Sleep better and wake easier with help from sleep care innovations by Holi. From sunrise simulators that help you awaken easier to nightlights that help you fall asleep, Holi delivers a line of products that help you get the most out of your sleep.

The Eyes Have It!

VR was the buzz of the show, but technologies that treat the eyes go beyond.

Orcam brings the words to your eyes so you don’t have to strain them.  All you have to do is point at what you want to read. Amazingly, it will also remember faces and objects for you.  Not only is this breakthrough technology giving independence to the blind, it’s making life a little easier for everyone.

While there are technologies that help improve eye health, some technologies are to protect them from harm; mainly from blue lights emanating from most of our devices. Reticare and Eye Just have retina protection from those technologies.

There are also new eye tracking devices to keep track of your health including RightEye and Eyetech, among others.

Narcotic-free Neuroscience  

No one wants to say no to a little help for their stress. New technologies are addressing the neuroscience of performance without meds.

NuCalm is a digital reset button for your nervous system based on biochemistry, neurophysiology, and physics. A combination of topical, ingestible, micro-current stimulation patches behind the ears, noise dampening headphones, and light blocking eye masks will keep your mind from running at 60 miles an hour to 0, in less than 10 minutes.

Magneceutical Health uses MRI technology in the Magnesphere to balance the autonomic nervous system, which calms the fight or flight response we get when we’re stressed.


No one needs an extra set of hands more than new moms. Freemie is a new hands-free breast pump that gives them back their own hands to get stuff done while they get the nutrients they need to give their babies the best. Freemie is really changing the landscape for new moms everywhere, especially working moms.

Beauty Best

Beauty buffs know collagen is important for good skin. Some take dozens of collagen pills a day or dump scoops of collagen in their smoothies every morning to get the benefits. Apira makes iDERMA to stimulate wrinkle-reducing collagen. This space-age looking mask combines red and infrared lights to stimulate deep cellular regeneration.

The same company has clinically-proven success with iGrow for hair growth. The sleek iGrow helmet increased hair counts of more than 35% after 16 weeks of therapy.

Get More Water

We all try to drink 8 glasses or more a day.  Some days are better than others. The Moiket water bottle will help you meet your quota by tracking what you consume and reminding you to sip more when you need it.

Know What’s in the Air  

Some cities have higher pollution than others. BreezoMeter helps you know what kind of air you’re getting by your location.

It’s not just cities with high smog-ratings that are concerned with air quality. Indoor and outdoor air quality is at risk everywhere and so is our respiratory system if we don’t track what’s in the air we breathe.

I was thrilled to spot the Sparrow which attaches to your phone case and alerts you to harmful air conditions. This can be as standard as having a fire and carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Wear Your Pain Relief

Relieve minor muscular pain, muscular back pain, joint pain and stiffness by stepping into the light with BioCare’s LumiWave®. The infrared light therapy device delivers non-laser infrared light energy deep into injured muscles and joints. It also temporarily increases local blood circulation and relieves muscle spasms and minor sub-acute or chronic pain associated with strains, sprains or arthritis.

Stop taking pills and using creams to get relief from aches and pains and wear Quell. The wearable device uses the body’s natural pain relief responses to “quell” body aches and pains. Worn on the upper calf, Quell uses neural pulses to trigger a natural response that blocks pain signals, leading to widespread pain relief.

I am excited for more Permission-less Innovation to lead to an improved tomorrow!   

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Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 1/18/2017