Hair, Skin & Nails Benefit from Proper Nutrient Absorption and Balanced Nutrition

    An individual beauty vitamin routine can support glow from the inside out!

    Beauty-from-within is not a new concept, however, as research and technology continue to evolve, we are understanding the critical importance of good nutrition and how it provides benefits to our hair, skin, and nails to help us look and feel our very best. But there is so much more!

    As we look at nutrition and supplements, it’s not about what we take, but it’s about what we absorb and utilize. This is the function of a healthy gut. We each have a unique gut microbiota (the trillions of microbes the human body hosts) – kind of like our fingerprint being unique to us all. If we cannot absorb our nutrients, or have inadequate absorption, the body will have difficulty getting us to be our very best.

    So, before exploring our diet and what supplements to include, we should first examine our gut health. Research has shown that increasing levels of butyrate (a short chain fatty acid that is part of the lining of the gut) is essential for gut health. Studies on a fermented non-GMO specialize strain of baker’s yeast have shown this ingredient can actually support increased levels of butyrate! Not only that, but this yeast fermentate also contains amino acids, beta glucans, polyphenols, vitamins, and metabolites that the body can also utilize. Once we have our gut health functioning at its best, we then can look toward nutrition and supplements that support our luxurious hair, skin, and nails.

    Our skin, hair, and nails can be thought of as a reflection of what’s happening internally regarding our overall nutritional status. We can’t see what’s going on internally, but we can look in the mirror and see the effects of our diet. Nutrition is a vast and sometimes complicated topic, and we are well aware of the need to get the proper amounts of macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients to maintain our overall health. What we must remember is we are all unique yet similar in our nutritional requirements. Consuming a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, good fats, and quality protein provide many of the nutrients our body needs. However, there are times we may need to add supplements. The challenge comes in deciding which product(s) to select.

    Being bombarded with so many product options and often conflicting information, here are a few things to consider:

    Vitamin C: This essential nutrient plays a role in collagen production. It is also an antioxidant that can help neutralize free radicals as well as an important essential component that helps the body grow and develop normally. Vitamin C is also important for the biosynthesis of collagen, an important structural component in the skin. (1,2)

    Collagen: Collagen, the most abundant protein in animals, is a powerful protein structure. It is found throughout the body in the skin and connective tissue and has many different “types” depending on its function – skin support, tendon and ligament structure, etc. While our bodies naturally make collagen, the process inevitably slows down as we age. (3)

    Biotin (aka B7): This essential B Vitamin supports the production of keratin, which is a fibrous protein that is a key structural component in hair, skin and nails. (4)

    Resveratrol: Often overlooked as a supplement supporting hair, skin, and nails, resveratrol (an antioxidant-like compound can be found in things like red wine, berries and grapes) helps neutralize harmful free radicals in cells. It has also been shown to promote the activation of the SIRT1 gene, often referred to as the longevity gene. (5)

    Keranat Oil Complex: This widely available oil complex has been clinically shown to support the hair follicle and keep the hair bulb anchored to the scalp. This complex also nourished and helps moisturize the scalp while promoting hair growth at the cellular level. An amazing nutrient complex offered within the natural products industry and developed from a French cultivated variety of millet, combined with sunflower oil, extract of wheat grain and extract of rosemary, this supplement can provide multiple benefits for your hair.

    Water: Yes, water is an essential nutrient! We often forget that hydration is important for normal physiological balance. It is the main component of cells and tissues. It may sound simple but we should all pay attention to getting enough water in our body every day. (6)

    Lifestyle and environmental challenges can also play a role in what we see on the outside. You may be doing everything right from the inside (good gut health, healthy diet, additional supplements, hydration) but are still not getting to what you feel is your “best self” in the mirror and wondering why. This is when it’s time to examine those outside influences (like stress and pollution) that might be contributing to the challenges regarding your hair, skin and nails. There isn’t just one answer, there are a combination of things that go into our overall good health.

    Selecting your individual beauty vitamin routine can support your glow from the inside out!


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    Senior National Educator, Country Life, LLC Dr. Ross has been with Country Life for 11 years and is their Senior National Educator providing product training for retailers and consumers throughout the United States. She joined the team with an extensive 30 year background in the Natural Products Field. She possesses a PhD in Naturopathy, is a Master Herbalist and also has her degree in Marketing. For 10 years Dr. Ross ran a successful Naturopathic consulting practice in Texas where she served as overall health coach to her patients. She has conducted national and international seminars on general nutrition, weight loss, managing chronic health challenges (including diabetes and hyperlipidemia), stress reduction, label reading, and proper supplementation. For 3 years, she worked closely with medical doctors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area providing nutritional consultations for some of their more challenging patients - the majority of whom suffered from diabetes or hyperlipidemia. These patients were not successfully controlling these conditions solely through medication so her responsibilities included overall evaluation, supplement recommendation and lifestyle alteration based on case histories, and continued monitoring of progress. The success rates her patients achieved was well documented and respected in the local medical community. Dr. Ross has taught multiple Continuing Medical Education credit courses for Medical and Dental Assistants in Texas and Illinois and has a passion for education, especially in the natural industry. She has also worked on the retail side of the Natural Products industry, managing and opening several vitamin departments for a major vitamin chain. Additionally, she has co-authored a book on female hormone management (published in 2000) and is a frequent guest speaker on numerous radio shows throughout the United States. Her passion for education and her extensive knowledge has helped her bridge the historical divide between allopathic and naturopathic medical practices.