Holiday Gift Basket Review

    gift basket on gray background, close-up view

    There’s lots to love during the holidays, but everyone has that one thing that drives them crazy come December. For me, it’s buying gifts for those hard-to-please people on my shopping list. This year, I’ve tried out some tasty goodies that are sure to please even the most challenging people to shop for. They also can make great additions to a holiday gift basket. Options to consider:

    Sweet Diane’s:
    Sweet Diane’s Granola is a great addition to your morning yogurt or smoothie bowl. The flavor is not too sweet, but satisfies the crunchy taste you expect from a good granola. You also feel good eating it, knowing it’s made with all natural ingredients. The granola comes in 3 flavors:

    • Original
    • Blueberry Almond
    • Orange Cranberry

    Hot Monkey Nuts:
    Hot Monkey Nuts are a great peanut snack for those who love a bit of a kick. These were tested by my dad, who swears nothing is ever too hot for him, and he was impressed. If you want some real heat, go for the Hot Winged Reaper. The flavors below are listed in order from most to least spicy.

    • Hot Winged Reaper
    • Black Widow’s Bite
    • Sour Screaming Onion
    • Jamaican Me Sweat

    Verve Culture:
    This hot chocolate set from Verve Culture is all about the culture and presentation. The craftsmanship of the set of hand-crafted clay mugs, combined with the traditional wooden molinillo whisk, transport me to Mexico. The hot chocolate flavor is very robust and aromatic. It’s a perfect gift set for anyone who enjoys a warm drink on a cold winter day.

    The 72 Chocolate Collection
    Another nut collection, featuring 72% dark chocolate. The Java Blend Trail Mix is a great mix of plain almond, cashews, and dried fruit, in addition to the chocolate covered pieces. They also sell Baobab Bites, which contain the superfruit baobab. Full of antioxidants, the Baobab Bites come in Strawberry, Pomegranate, and Peach Mango.

    Honey and Roses Coffee:
    Honey and Roses is co-owned by actor Ryan Hansen. The company sells a variety of coffees and sweets from smaller independent businesses. With all the options to choose from, it’s hard not to find something that you like. For example, take the Secret Stuffed Cookies, made in Long Island, NY. Opening the mega cookies is Instagram-worthy, revealing a sweet surprise on the inside. I particularly loved the Rainbow OG, as it was stuffed with my bakery favorite, the Italian Rainbow cookie. You can order them in a 3, 4 or 6 pack. The flavors are:

    • Rainbow OG
    • O-Mellow
    • S’Mores
    • Peanut Butter Explosion

    Congo Tropicals:
    I love a good cup of coffee to start my day and Congo Tropicals: Arabica Ground Coffee doesn’t disappoint. Their dark roast has a deep, rich flavor that satisfies my morning caffeine kick. For those who enjoy a milder roast, there is also the medium blend, which has an excellent taste.

    They also sell organic dark chocolate that can be enjoyed as a snack or incorporated into a dessert. I used mine to make a chocolate ganache that came out smooth and delicious.