Where the Beauty Industry is Headed in 2023 & Beyond

Styled beauty corner, web banner. Skin cream, tonicum bottle, dry flowers, leaves, rose and Himalayan salt. White table background. Organic cosmetics, spa concept

The beauty and personal care industry was one of the industries that actually saw an upward spike during the pandemic, and it doesn’t look like it is declining anytime soon. As people were home more, they were investing in themselves, focusing on their skincare, and discovering which products (and ingredients) help achieve the best results.

As we are back to our everyday lives, consumers still have the same interest in beauty and personal care, just with different focuses. ECRM recently held their session for Indie Brands in the Beauty and Personal Care category, and we were able to meet firsthand some of the most innovative brands leading the industry. We noticed some major trends that definitely indicate what the consumer is looking for and where the industry is headed.

The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Silly George is an innovative lash beauty brand. Best known for their incredibly effective Lash Growth Serum, they continue to come out with revolutionary products like their LinerBond lash application system. This is a pressure-sensitive lash adhesive in the form of a liquid eyeliner pen that comes in clear and black, which solves all the pain points of traditional glue and magnetic eyeliner. After seeing a gap in the market (most lash brands focus on “glam”), their focus is on more natural, everyday wear lashes, including their SuperNatural range that is high quality, durable, and reusable. Their products are cruelty free (PETA approved), toxin-free, and they are female owned.

Demand Clean Beauty

Hobe Labs has been making naturally unique products since 1975, and they are at the forefront of formula innovation. Bio-Ferm, their proprietary ingredient, is an herbal extraction and fermentation process that creates a unique 10-Herb Complex that is used in six of Hobe’s products for skin, hair & scalp treatment. Hobe’s Hair Follicle Stimulator, their flagship product, ranks #1 at iHerb in Hair Care Brands + the Hair & Scalp Category, and ranks #2 in overall Bath & Personal Care. Heading into 2023, all of Hobe’s packaging will be revamped for a fresh, new look. Hobe is also introducing exciting new products, such as: Hydrating Shampoo Bars and Bi-Phase Natural (Plant Based) Frizz Control.

Diversity and Inclusion

Gaelle Cosmetics is an inclusive makeup brand that incorporates creativity and fun into their products to bring joy and excitement to the choices we make every day regarding appearance. Their makeup provides a pop of boldness and empowers consumers to be confident in the individuality. Gaelle Cosmetics draws inspiration from the Jamaican attitude towards makeup, sometimes non-conformist with a bold style and independent flair. They invite you to live life with “a pop of boldness” with makeup that allows you to create the look that emotionally expresses who you are or want to be.


Using the world’s finest ingredients, Freida and Joe’s beautiful, fragrant gift sets and bath, body and home products make the perfect gifts for any occasion. Their products contain high-quality ingredients that are infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to soften and moisturize skin. They use fragrances made up from the finest essential oils from the UK. Their fragrances, wood jewelry boxes, curios, and baskets are custom designed to create unique and treasurable gifts that mark every occasion. Their gift sets come all wrapped with a ribbon, bow, and tag; all ready for you to give it to your special someone.

Technology, COVID-19, societal issues and more have impacted the beauty industry in a big way over the last few years. Whether that’s a call for new products containing natural ingredients or a move towards ecommerce, brands need to adapt to consumer behavior. With so many options for consumers to pick from, they aren’t willing to settle. They want the best results, with the best ingredients at the best price points, and the brands that react are the ones that will succeed. We can expect to see more innovation and change in this space as we head into 2023 and beyond.

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