What’s Selling: July 2018

Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc., Hobart, IN (952 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Botanic Choice, Advanced ACV Plus;
Botanic Choice, AMPK Formula;
Botanic Choice, Opti-Gold (Full Line)

FOOD: Quest Bar, Chocolate Brownie Protein Bars;
Quest Bar, Double Chocolate Chunk Protein Bars;
Snap Nutrition, Ooh Snap! Crispy Protein Bars, Chocolate Peanut Protein Bar

HABA: Botanic Choice, Vitamins 4 Hair;
Botanic Spa, CoQ-10 Plus Wrinkle Cream;
Botanic Choice, Hair, Skin, & Nails Formula

BEVERAGES: Botanic Choice, Zip Superfruit Mix 30-Day Supply;
Botanic Choice, Japanese Green Tea – Tea Bags;
Botanic Choice, Hibiscus Flower Tea Bags

UP & COMING: Essential Oils (All brands);
Botanic Spa, Collagen & Elastin Skin Cream (New & Improved);
Diffusers (All brands)

Nature’s Pavilion Natural Food Market, Lehighton, PA (1,200 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nordic Naturals, DHA;
Enzyme Science, Complete Digestion;
New Chapter, Every Woman’s 40+ One Daily Multivitamins

FOOD: Epic, Venison (Full Line);
Dynamic Health, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar;
Spectrum, Organic Ground Flaxseed

HABA: Bodyceuticals, Calendula Salve;
Bodyceuticals, Calendula + Vitamin C Facial Créme;
Aloe Life, Face & Body Lotion

BEVERAGES: Fiji, Water;
Organic Valley, High Protein Milk Shake, Vanilla;
Evamor, Naturally Alkaline Artesian Water

UP & COMING: New Chapter, Golden Blackseed;
Dr. Mercola, Fermented Beet Capsules with Red Spinach;
Trilogy Natural Skincare, Full Line

Nature’s Herbs, Union City, TN (850 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Nature’s Plus, T Male;
Life’s Fortune, Full Spectrum Multivitamin & Mineral;
Nature’s Sunshine, Nopal

FOOD: Food For Life, Ezekiel Sprouted Bread;
Food For Life, Tortillas (Full Line);
Quest Nutrition, Protein Bars (Full Line)

HABA: Tea Tree Oil (Bulk);
NOW, Essential Oils (Full Line);
Dr Bronner’s, Liquid Soap (Full Line)

BEVERAGES: Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar;
Zevia, Sugar Free Sodas (Full Line);
Biotta, Beet Juice

UP & COMING: CBD Oil (Bulk);
Trinity NutraLab, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%;
CBD Gummies (Bulk)

The Market, Rapid City, SD (5,000 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Quantum Health, Elderberry Zinc Lozenges;
Zand, Quick Digest;
EuroPharma, Inc., Terry Naturally CuraMed

FOOD: Almonds (Bulk);
Barbara’s Bakery, Cheese Puffs;
Box Canyon Honey Company, Pure Honey

HABA: Now, Essential Oils (Full Line);
Tea Tree Therapy, Eucalyptus Soap;
Coconut Joe’s Trading Co., Coconut Delight Lip Balm

BEVERAGES: El Dorado, Spring Water;
Choice Organic Teas, Organic Oolong Tea;
Zevia, Mango Ginger Energy Drink

UP & COMING: Know Brainer, Full Dairy Ketogenic Coffee Creamer;
The Real Coconut, Coconut Flour Tortillas;
MCT Oil (All Brands)

Betsy’s Health Foods, Houston, TX (899 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: Betsy’s Basics, Turmeric;
Bluebonnet Nutrition Corp., Coenzyme B Complex;
Natural Factors, Celery Seed Extract

FOOD: Host Defense, Primordial Chocolate Pink Peruvian Salt;
The Ginger People, Gin Gins Chewy Ginger Candy;
Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar
HABA: Hyalogic, Lush Lash and Brow Serum;
Hyalogic, Pure HA Face Serum;
Alvera, Ale and Almond All-Natural Roll-on Deodorant

BEVERAGES: Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar Ginger Spice Drink;
Zevia, Lemon-Lime Soda;
Ginseng UP, Cola Flavor Soda

UP & COMING: Natural Factors, Belberine;
Betsy’s Basics, Ashwagandha;
Betsy’s Basics, Stress Ease

Harvest House Inc., Concord, CA (8,050 ft²)

SUPPLEMENTS: EuroPharma, Inc., Terry Naturally CuraMed;
Natural Factors, Biosil;
Nordic Naturals, Ultimate Omega

FOOD: Bragg Live Foods, Apple Cider Vinegar;
Straus Family Creamery, Organic Whole Milk Yogurt

HABA: Andalou, 1000 Roses (Full Line);
Nubian Heritage, Africa Black Soap;
Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay

BEVERAGES: The Greek Gods, Plain Kefir;
GT’s, Enlightened Synergy Organic Kombucha Multi-Green;
Claravale Farm, Raw Milk

UP & COMING: Health Bioceuticals, Full Line;
Health From The Sun, Coconut MCT Powder;
Emerald Pacific Foods, Bone Broth (Full Line)

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