KeHE Lists Top 5 2020 Trends

Naperville, IL—KeHE’s Product Innovation Gurus have summarized the top five trends to watch in 2020, according to a press release. Those trends:

Nootropics—These substances that boost brain performance will find their way into foods, beverages, beauty products, and supplements. The release cites IRI/SPINS sales data showing that nootropics have seen a 37% increase in sales, or $383 million, across all natural and conventional retail channels in the last year. Keep an eye out for caffeine, creatine, L-theanine, rhodiola, and bacopa, in everything from energy drinks to skincare products.

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Sustainability—57% of consumers now expect brands to be a force for positive environmental change, the release says. Packaging has a big impact on product selection; regenerative farming, too, is becoming a focal point within sustainability. Customers are thinking about farming practices, manufacturing processes, packaging, recycling, and reducing waste; brands and products that cater to that are likely to get more of shoppers’ dollars.

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Pet Food—Owners are worried about what their pets eat, and now pet food is “the fastest-growing category in center store grocery,” the release says. Its 25% growth is fueled by innovation in natural and specialty pet food. Younger consumers aged 18-34 are looking for fresh, clean, customized pet food, mimicking human food.

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Cannabidiol (CBD)—Pending FDA regulation updates, CBD “represents a huge opportunity in the food and beverage industry,” the release says. It has sparked innovation in categories ranging from skincare to supplements to pet care. Noting that any food containing CBD is prohibited, the release cites a Mintel finding that 24% of Gen Z and 20% of younger Millennials are eating products containing CBD and want to see more CBD-containing food and beverages in fast-food restaurants.

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Digestive Health—Specifically, the release says, microbiome health. Ingredients like fiber, probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics are emerging in food and beverage products, all intended to support the gut and regulate digestion.

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