KeHE Unveils New Brand Campaign

Naperville, IL—After a reportedly successful year scaling its operations during the pandemic, KeHE Distributors announced its new brand campaign, crazy GOOD, which is meant to align with the company’s growth and spread good philosophy.

“The new crazy GOOD logo evokes a sense of momentum to symbolize KeHE’s Next Generation of Distribution—authentically striving to bring goodness through our technological advancements, forward-thinking insights, and operational solutions,” said Ari Goldsmith, Vice President of Marketing at KeHE, in a press release. “The incomplete yellow outer border signifies the boundless good that can come from crazy GOOD—our service to the community, outstanding product assortment, our people and so much more.”

This new brand campaign joins “Where KeHE Goes, Goodness Follows” as part of KeHE’s overall brand messaging. The company also has revamped its website with AA-level accessibility standards to better serve the distributor’s customers, including those with disabilities.

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