Organic Valley Is 100% Renewably Powered

La Farge, WI—Organic Valley announced in a press release that the construction of three community solar projects is complete, making the co-op the largest food company in the world to be 100% renewably powered.

Organic Valley set forth their commitment in 2017, and collaborated with OneEngergy Renewables and the Upper Midwest Municipal Energy Group. In 2018, BluEarth Renewables acquired Butter Solar, and began construction in January 2019 on the 32 MWdc Butter Solar Portfolio, which will provide reduced energy costs for more than 25 years to 23,000 people across 10 Midwest communities, including six in Organic Valley’s project portfolio.

For more than 25 years, Organic Valley will buy renewable energy credits (RECs) from three solar projects owned and operated by BluEarth Renewables, to help support the project and keep electricity prices low for everyone that lives in these communities.

The sites will feature grazing sheep and pollinator habitats under the panels in order to build on Organic Valley’s vision of a sustainable future for rural America.

Bob Kirchoff, CEO of Organic Valley, said in the release: “Our community solar partnership allows us to share the benefits of solar energy with our rural neighbors, advancing our mission to care for the people and farms we work with, as well as our planet. Just as ours has done, community-scale solar projects can also create meaningful and good-paying jobs where they are needed most.”