Dr. Bronner’s Releases 2020 All-One Report, Regen Organic Certified Product

Vista, CA—Dr. Bronner’s has a lot to celebrate: The company is releasing its 2020 All-One Report, unveiling a new limited-edition “Heal Earth!” label on its Castile Liquid Soap bottles, and announcing that its Virgin Coconut Oil is its first product to become Regenerative Organic Certified, according to a press release. The company has also pledged $50,000 to the signature drive for California’s Plastics Free Ballot Initiative, and will be rallying allies from the natural products industry to offer further support.

Dr. Bronner’s sixth annual All-One Report, titled “Heal Earth, Heal Soul,” documents the company’s commitment to corporate responsibility, activism, and environmental sustainability. The report notes that the company donated $7.4 million—more than a third of its profits—to charitable and activist causes including fair trade and fair pay, drug policy reform, animal rights, environmental sustainability and climate change, and regenerative organic agriculture. The report also details the company’s goal to become climate positive by 2025, by drawing down more carbon from the atmosphere than the company emits. It endorses the environmental and social policies embedded in the Green New Deal. The full report can be viewed here.

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Along the same lines, Dr. Bronner’s is temporarily replacing its Moral ABC label with its Heal Earth! label, which will educate consumers regarding regenerative organic agriculture and explain why the shift to regen ag is “imperative to improving and ensuring soil health, animal welfare, and fair labor, and is necessary to holistically replace factory farming and mitigate climate change,” the release says. The labels will hit bottles beginning in Spring 2020.

Its first Regenerative Organic Certified product, however, is not the soap, but the company’s Virgin Coconut Oil. The ROC product will be available in retailers nationwide in May 2020. Dr. Bronner’s is pursuing ROC for its entire product line; Pavitramenthe and Serendipalm, the suppliers for the company’s mint and palm oils, have achieved ROC Silver certification.

In a further bid to help the environment, Dr. Bronner’s has pledged to donate $50,000 to support a ballot initiative that would grant the State of California the authority to regulate disposable materials, reduce the volume of these materials that come into the state, and would place up to a one-cent fee on single use packaging. Revenues from this fee would be used to support the development of recycling and composting infrastructure, and to scale climate resilience and carbon sequestration in parks, wildlands, and agriculture. Dr. Bronner’s is rallying industry allies to endorse and financially support this effort, the release says.