Brandless Adds Supplements to Lineup

Brandless supplements

San Francisco, CA — Brandless, the online startup providing unbranded essentials, has introduced its vitamin and supplement lineup, all offering 30-count supplies for $3.

Greens and antioxidant blend and melatonin appear to be the most popular items as both were sold out within a week of the site emailing customers about the introduction.

The other introductory items are a women’s multivitamin and a men’s multivitamin, omega-3 fish oil 1,000 mg softgels, a calm and focus support supplement, and a digestive and immune biotic.

Products can be purchased separately for $3 each or in a bundle of all six items for $18.

In an interview with WholeFoods Magazine, co-founder Tina Sharkey said the company was founded on the belief “everyone should be able to shop based on the values that matter to them — like organic, gluten-free or cruelty-free — at a fair price.”

Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online, 11/13/17