Webinar Series Addresses “What’s Next?”

As parts of the country are slowly beginning to reopen, people are anxious to know what the “new normal” will look like, says Daniel Lohman, CPSA, CPG, of Brand Secrets and Strategies. In his free webinar series, Lohman addresses what comes next for the natural products industry.

Lohman notes that no one knows for certain how the COVID-19 public health crisis will impact shopper behaviors–and sales for natural products brands and retailers. But, he stresses, people want healthy products more now than ever, and brands and retailers can work together to better weather this stormLohman shared insights for both manufacturers and retailers in a webinar tited “How Do You Future Proof Your Store In Uncertain Times?” produced by WholeFoods Magazine and Brand Secrets and Strategies. The webinar is now available on demand here.

The next installments of the free series will be:

  • How To Keep Your Brand Alive Today And Tomorrow And What Comes Next on May 1, 2020, at 9 AM MST.  “The best defense against any virus is a healthy diet and that begins with your brand,” Lohman says, and the webinar will outline strategies to develop a healthy foundation to grow and scale a brand. Register here.
  • How To Get Your Brand Discovered By Retailers And Get It Onto Their Shelves
    Featuring ECRM and RangeMe on May 8, 2020, at 9 AM MST. “Trade shows are great for networking and learning about new trends but, let’s face it, they do not provide face time with retailers you need to grow and scale your brand,” santys Lohman. This webinar will creative solutions to get one-on-face time with retailers. Register here.
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