Ardent Mills Signs Agreement with US Solar

Denver, CO—Ardent Mills has signed a 25-year agreement with US Solar to purchase an expected 1.8 million kWh annually, under a subscription plan supporting US Solar’s solar gardens in Goodhue County, Minnesota, according to a press release. Ardent Mills has a mill in Minnesota, Hastings Mill, and while the solar gardens will not directly provide power to the Hastings Mill, the agreement is nonetheless expected to reduce energy costs, while enabling the gardens to be built.

Other subscribers to the solar gardens include residents and public entities. The first solar garden has started construction, and is anticipated to be online later this year.

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Jeff Zyskowski, VP, supply chain, at Ardent Mills, said in the press release: “These projects are in line with our commitment to sustainable energy and will further bolster the renewable energy market in Minnesota. Supporting renewable energy in any capacity is a priority for Ardent Mills and a critical piece of our strategic plan for growth.”

The release notes that Ardent Mills has built a team to conceptualize, research and implement projects that will make a positive environmental impact, including hiring a full-time Sustainability Lead, Phoenix Dugger.