Dr. Bronner’s Promotes New Book with Limited Edition Labels

Vista, CA—Dr. Bronner’s has announced the release of its first book, Honor Thy Label: Dr. Bronner’s Unconventional Journey to a Clean, Green and Ethical Supply Chain. Written by Dr. Gero Leson, Dr. Bronner’s Vice President of Special Operations, the book will be published March 9, 2021. Along with the book release, the company also launched new “Honor Thy Label” limited edition labels for its 32oz Castile Liquid Soaps. The label encourages customers to read the book and understand how both a business’s supply chain decisions and end consumers’ choices together result in either positive or negative impact in the world, the company says.

“Gero Leson has helped bring my Grandfather’s All-One philosophy to life. His book examines how we set out to transform our global supply chains to be among the most regenerative and ethically-minded worldwide,” said David Bronner, Cosmic Engagement Officer of Dr. Bronner’s. “The ‘Honor Thy Label’ soap is intended to honor Gero’s incredible new book documenting that journey, and the impact his pioneering work has had in manifesting economic, social and environmental improvements for thousands of farmers, workers, and their communities around the world.”

Gero Leson joined Dr. Bronner’s in 2005 during the company’s Organic and Fair Trade Certification process, and since became the architect behind Dr. Bronner’s sister companies Serendipol in Sri Lanka and Serendipalm in Ghana, helped the company’s regenerative organic and fair trade olive oil and mint oil suppliers scale their operations, and researched the Bronner family ancestral roots in Germany.

“It’s deeply important to us, that the same values of fair pay and meaningful work that we honor among our employees in the U.S., are also implemented at every level of our supply chain around the world,” said Mike Bronner, President of Dr. Bronner’s. “We also know that we have ten times more social and environmental impact in our agricultural supply chains than in our domestic manufacturing operation. Gero’s work in the past two decades has been fundamental to achieving that.”

Dr. Bronner’s “Honor Thy Label” soaps are available now and the book is available for pre-order at the reduced price of $22.40. For a limited time, pre-orders come with a special 4oz bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap and a bookmark.

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