Dr. Bronner’s Supports Psilocybin, Climate Strikes

Portland, OR—Dr. Bronner’s is donating $150,000 in matching funds to the 2020 Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon Signature Drive, and is taking action to support the Global Climate Strike, according to two press releases.

Regarding the Psilocybin Service Initiative, Sheri Eckert, co-founder of the Oregon Psilocybin Society, said in the release: “The intent of the 2020 Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon is to pass the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act and advance a breakthrough therapeutic model currently being perfected in research settings at top universities around the world. The service model involves a sequence of facilitated sessions, including assessment and preparation, psilocybin administration, and post-therapy integration. We envision a community-based framework, where licensed providers, along with licensed producers of psilocybin mushrooms, blaze trails in Oregon in accordance with evolving practice standards.”

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David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronners, said: “The Bronner family is no stranger to severe depression and anxiety. We firmly believe that the integration of psilocybin therapy, to which the FDA recently granted a special ‘breakthrough designation’ is crucial to heal epidemic rates of depression, anxiety, and addiction that pharmaceutical drugs are completely inadequate for. This therapy enables people to process difficult and traumatic emotions and experiences, break destructive patterns of thought and behavior, and love, integrate and forgive themselves and each other. People connect to the deeper spiritual ground of their being and to the miraculous living world we are one with. This therapy can also help people wake up to and grapple with the massive social and environmental problems we are facing.”

Dr. Bronner’s is helping to take on one of those problems; in the same press release, they note that the company shuttered websites globally on September 20, and supported any employees who joined local protests.

Their volunteer Green team is hosting a “Buy-Nothing” pop-up free store at Dr. Bronner’s headquarters from September 23-27 to encourage staff to reuse and upcycle clothing and other goods.

A separate press release went into more detail regarding Dr. Bronner’s environmentalist activity. In Berlin, Germany, the Dr. Bronner’s flagship store donated all profits on September 20 to Fridays For Future. The store was set up as an information and welcome center for anyone participating in climate strike-related actions that day. They have partnered with Patagonia, Rodale Institute, Compassion in World Farming, and the Fair World Project to found the Regenerative Organic Alliance; the company also funds organizations dedicated to promoting plant-based diets and encouraging omnivores to eat meat from animals raised according to high-welfare standards, which are not such a climate and ethical catastrophe as meat from Confined Animal Feeding Operations.

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Alana Pezzotti, director of Dr. Bronner’s Mexico, said in the release: “Together we acknowledge that there is more that unites us than divides us. In light of how the climate crisis is directly linked to the immigration crisis around the world, this is our moment to appeal to the humanity in each other and recognize the need to transcend borders, respect existence, and create the most equitable solutions in preparing for a livable future.”