FoodChain ID Announces Record Number of Non-GMO Product Submissions

Fairfield, IA—FoodChain ID announced in a press release that the company received a record number of Non-GMO Project Verification product submissions.

David Carter, general manager of FoodChain ID Technical Services, said in the press release that “New product submissions are an indicator that demand is up for companies interested in getting their products Non-GMO Project Verified. Greater demand is evidenced by FoodChain ID receiving over 1,000 new product submissions in the record month of November.”

Mark Cohen, senior director of marketing, wrote in an email that the number is “significantly” higher than in other months. “Verifications had been fairly steady all year,” he wrote. “This is a sudden jump.”

Carter said in the press release that the company’s cloud-based compliance software, SupplyTrak, is a key factor in FoodChain’s ability to process such a high volume of products with an average verification time of under two weeks. “Since we started using SupplyTrak in 2007, we’ve processed tens of thousands of products and ingredients. SupplyTrak provides clients the ability to upload and store all compliance data in a secure online database and communicate with our technical evaluators directly, decreasing the time it takes to upload and manage the entire verification process.”

FoodChain ID serves more than 60,000 clients in over 100 companies. It has verified more than 60,000 products.