Tips for Keeping Dogs Calm on Halloween

Gardena, CA—Halloween is a stressful time for dogs, with ringing doorbells and crowds of strangers. Innovet Pet released a media statement, sharing a suggestion to help pet owners keep their dogs calm.

Step one, according to Innovet: Recognize the signs of stress. A tucked tail, restlessness, and pacing are all indicators of stress, but not that the dog is dangerous; raised hackles, trembling, and baring teeth indicate that the dog may turn aggressive.

Innovet’s suggestion: Discuss cannabidiol (CBD) with your vet. Co-Founder David Louvet said in the statement: “CBD helps take the edge off your dog by promoting balance over the various functions that regulate stress such as the fight-or-flight response.” He says that not only does it help calm anxious dogs, but it can also help calm dogs who get over-excited and jump on people.

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The statement cites a study finding that CBD can be effectively used to reduce anxiety, which can be found here.

Innovet recommends that CBD should be administered once a day for around a week ahead of time, in order to supplement the endocannabinoid system, and then around two hours before trick-or-treating begins for full effects. As always, check with your vet before administering CBD to your pets, particularly if they are on any medications.

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