WholeFoods Presents ROTY Award to Weavers Way

Philadelphia, PA—WholeFoods Magazine Publisher Heather Wainer made the trip to Weavers Way to present the Retailer of the Year award to GM Jon Roesser—where WholeFoods staff members were given a guided tour of the Co-op, and a close-up look at some of the measures the Co-op is taking during the pandemic.

In 1973, Weavers Way Co-op formed as a produce buying club in Philadelphia, PA. Now, the Co-op is fighting racial injustice, supporting co-op and community members facing economic hardship, and supporting other local businesses—all of which made Weavers Way a stand-out choice for WholeFoods Magazine’s 2020 Retailer of the Year.

If you missed the story, check it out here.