Deerland Launches New Company Tagline

Kennesaw, GA—“Motivated by science, measured by wellness.” That’s the new global brand tagline for Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes. The company announced that the new tagline is intended to better align Deerland’s brand identity with its vision “for all people of all cultures to benefit from its enzyme, probiotic and prebiotic health products”, along with its mission “to measurably improve the quality of people’s lives by creating innovative, scientifically sound products, services, and technology.” It replaces the previous brand tagline (“From concept to commercialization, we add value at every step”) in the first quarter of 2021 with a full-scale launch.

“Change is inevitable and Deerland’s success, in many ways, has been driven by our willingness to evolve and continually improve,” said Deerland CEO Scott Ravech in a press release. “While our previous tagline has served us very well for many years, our customers should rest assured that all the value we have provided until now will not change. This new tag better reflects the expanded portfolio of products, services, capabilities and science we are able to offer our valued customers.”

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