Survey: Shoppers Going Green for the Holidays

Will an increased interest in eco-consciousness have any effect on people’s gifting habits this holiday season? The experts at WeThrift set out to get the answer to that question, polling more than 1,000 global consumers. Some key findings, as outlined by WeThrift’s analysts:

  • Almost 4 in 10 people would search for an environmentally friendly gift, even if it meant going out of their way.
  • 50% of people would be very excited to receive an eco-friendly gift.
  • 59% percent of people have become more environmentally conscious over their lifetime (more so in Europe than on other continent).
  • The top factors consumers consider in an eco-friendly company are:
    • Eco-friendly packaging (48%)
    • Recyclable products (47%)
    • Eco-friendly production (46%)
  • Millennials prefer buying from an eco-friendly store over a local one
  • Gen X and Boomers prefer to shop local

The WeThrift report also looked at:

  • Green Gifting Habits
  • Wrapping Hacks
  • Ways to Save on Eco-Gifts
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