How Do You Future Proof Your Store In Uncertain Times?

Our world has been turned upside-down in the last few months. Shopper buying habits have changed dramatically, with online retailers seeing tremendous gains. So how does a traditional natural retailer remain relevant and keep customers shopping in their stores?

There is a better way to future proof your store and gain a sustainable competitive advantage. It requires us to reimagine our go-to-market strategy. Here’s how:

First, shoppers do not trust online and mainstream retailers to choose their perishables. In addition, those retailers can not offer the personal service natural stores are famous for providing. On top of that, online and mainstream retailers are placing their trust in mainstream brands with deep pockets and big promotional budgets. They are turning their backs on small brands with limited sales volume—the brands responsible for all the sustainable growth in every category. This is something I proved back in 2016*. These are the Achilles heels of both online and mainstream retailers. Let’s use this to our advantage!

Traditional strategies overlook what matters most: the committed natural shopper who appreciates the real value of organic, plant-based, etc. This is the shopper who will happily pay a premium for mission-based brands that offer exceptional value. More importantly, it’s that shopper who buys other complementary products while in your stores. Thus they are more valuable.

Top Strategies for Brands to Partner with Retailers
No retailer can possibly be an expert in every item and on every customer in their store. This is where the brands you sell can make all the difference and give you a huge edge. Brands are the experts in their shoppers and on their categories. Retailers should expect the brands they sell to give them the actionable insights they need to differentiate themselves against their competition. Natural brands need to step up and help guide their retailer partners to grow sales and profits by leveraging the strength of their unique shoppers their brands attract. This is your secret weapon and how you future proof your store.

This was the focus of the most popular free webinar I did in cooperation with WholeFoods Magazine (details below). In this webinar I share several strategies and tactics to help retailers get more from the brands they sell.

Consider this. Fact:

  1. People still need to eat
  2. The best defense against any virus is healthy food and a healthy lifestyle
  3. Shoppers want products that align with their values

No one knows how the virus will continue to impact shopper behaviors—and specifically how this will affect your sales. People still need to eat. They want healthy products more now than ever. Learn how brands and retailers can work together to better weather this storm. Make it easier for your customers to find and buy the products they want—your products! Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

To watch the webinar:


*View webinar for details.

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