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How to Get Beautiful, Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails from the Inside Out

Q1: What are the key components for maintaining smooth, silky hair?
Keratin, a fibrous protein that comprises over 80% of hair, is a key beauty nutrient in nourishing, protecting, and repairing hair. Keratin, like Cynatine® HNS, a soluble form of keratin that contributes largely to hair’s strength and density, has been shown to reduce shedding and support the hair growth cycle. You should also look for nutrients that fortify your body’s natural production of the keratin protein and its infrastructure like biotin, collagen peptide types I + III, MSM, vitamin C and zinc to keep your tresses looking thick and lustrous.

Q2: What are the key components for achieving youthful, radiant skin?
Many people of all ages struggle with skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, wrinkles, and sun damage. Since collagen is the skin’s foundation, beauty
nutrients that help rebuild and support skin health include: collagen peptides I + III, hyaluronic acid, keratin, MSM, vitamins A and C, glutathione, CoQ10, resveratrol and zinc. Some of these also replenish antioxidants that sequester free radicals, which cause premature aging. Plus, hyaluronic acid has anexceptionally high capacity for retaining moisture leaving your skin with a supple, youthful glow.

Q3. What are the key components for growing strong, beautiful nails?
Eyes are often considered the windows to your soul, while nails are considered the windows to your health. Soft, dry, brittle nails can often occur with those who use acrylic nails, have a poor diet, are getting older, or may be suffering from a medical condition with the thyroid, for example. That’s why supplementation with biotin, collagen peptides I + III, keratin, vitamin C, MSM and zinc can literally jump start your body’s natural ability to produce keratin from which your nails are comprised and to make this protein’s infrastructure harden so that your nails grow beautifully strong and durable.

Q4: What other key attributes should I look for in beauty supplements?
For healthy hair, skin, and nails, start supplementing daily with beauty nutrients that help protect and maintain these precious assets from outer (and inner) forces. As you will find in Bluebonnet’s new Beautiful Ally™ line of age-defying beauty nutrients, below are the key attributes to look for when purchasing a beauty supplement:

• Scientifically relevant potencies
• Superior purity
• Advanced bioavailability/bioactivity
• Clinically studied and patented nutrients:

° Cynatine® HNS Solubilized Keratin
° Peptan® Collagen Peptides I + III
° Setria® Reduced Glutathione
° OptiMSM® – World’s Purest MSM
° Kaneka® CoQ10

• Non-GMO†
• Free of most allergens (e.g., soy, gluten, and milk)
• No artificially-derived colors
• Multifunctional
• Hydrolyzed collagen for maximum assimilation and absorption

† The non-GMO seal guarantees that the dietary and other
ingredients in these formulas are derived from sources that have not been genetically modified using modern biotechnology.

Trisha Sugarek MacDonald holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from Texas Woman’s University and also a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Foods from Texas State University. Mrs. MacDonald is currently the Sr. Director of Research & Development as well as the National Educator at Bluebonnet Nutrition where she investigates new ingredients, directs the launch of new products, and provides industry training on numerous subjects as it relates to the connection between nutrition and health. She is a frequent editorial contributor and lecturer on the benefits surrounding the responsible use of supplements.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine February 2018