ADM Points to 7 Top Trends for Alt Proteins

Chicago, IL—ADM has released its alternative protein outlook, with findings based on research from the company’s Outside Voice consumer insights platform. The alternative protein market, ADM states in a press release, is expected to climb to $125b by 2030.

Leticia Goncalves, President of Global Foods for ADM, who oversees the company’s focus on high-growth business, explained in the press release, “In the last 12 months, the number of plant-based meat, cheese and dairy products available to consumers has more than doubled. Innovation driven by future-forward brands like Air Protein, Future Meat Technologies, Nature’s Fynd, in partnership with larger industry players such as ADM, are transforming the way we will feed a growing global population sustainably. Products aimed at meeting the heightened demand for health-forward solutions that can deliver on evolving consumer taste and texture expectations will continue to come to market over the next decade.”

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ADM expects that new products will be heavily influenced by the following seven trends:

  1. Novel protein sources—including from cells, fungi, and air particles.
  2. Fermentation—not as an end unto itself, but as a method for developing alternative protein sources.
  3. Plant-based whole-muscle solutions, which will evolve as brands seek out—and find—ways to mimic the texture of animal-based whole-muscle cuts. ADM’s prediction: It won’t be long before families are carving plant-based turkeys for the holidays.
  4. Innovation and transparency are top concerns for consumers, and brands and products that can provide plant-based foods in an environmentally and ethically sound manner can alleviate those concerns.
  5. Price parity between plants and animals, which we may see soon: Future Meat Technologies, for instance, is able to produce cultivated chicken breast for $7.70 per pound, down from around $18 per pound six months prior.
  6. Kid-friendly foods, like plant-based chicken nuggets, will hit shelves, featuring kid-friendly flavors, colors, and formats, allowing kids to eat healthy versions of familiar foods like pizza and mac and cheese.
  7. Plant-based versions of traditional foods, like shawarma, schnitzel, and shrimp dumplings, can deliver tasty comfort via plants.