Fruit d’Or Partners with Innovative Natural Solutions

Villeroy, Quebec, Canada–Fruit d’Or has announced a new partnership with Innovative Natural Solutions, the largest grower, processor, and supplier of black elderberry in North America, according to a press release.

Fruit d’Or is known mainly for its cranberry ingredients, the release says. It is a participant  of the Cranberry Quality Assurance Program. INS is similar to Fruit d’Or, the press release says, because they are both farm-to-table and vertically integrated, controlling the quality of their products from start to finish.

The fruits of this partnership will be offered as samples at Fruit d’Or’s Expo West booth #4476, and include Elder Cran cough syrup, which addresses colds, coughs, digestive upset, and UTIs; Elder Pure Elderberry juice powder with Sunfiber, which supports digestive, immune, and cardio health; Wild blueberry juice powder with Sunfiber, which supports cognitive health; and Cranberry seed oil with probiotics Bacillus coagulans and vegan D3, delivering digestive health, omegas 3, 6, and 9, and, of course, D3.