Manitoba Harvest to Help Develop New Hemp, Pea Varieties

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada—Manitoba Harvest is partnering with a consortium of industry leaders through Protein Industries Canada to develop new hemp and pea varieties with increased protein content, differential starch content, and improved texture, according to a press release, improvements expected to “dramatically” increase potential for hemp usage.

NRGene, Farmer’s Business Network, Pulse Genetics, and Manitoba Harvest are together investing $3.3 million into the project, with Protein Industries Canada investing an additional $1.8 million. Manitoba will also lend its expertise in food innovation, product development, and formulation.

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“Diversity of ingredients within Canada’s plant-based foods and ingredients sector is an essential element of helping it grow to become a global leader,” said CEO of Protein Industries Canada, Bill Greuel, in the press release. “Manitoba Harvest, through their partnership with NRGene, Farmer’s Business Network and Pulse Genetics, is displaying great leadership in the area of hemp ingredient development. The hemp-pea flour blend they develop through this project will go a long way in meeting the needs of consumers and food manufacturers alike.”

The development of these new seed varieties, as well as the hemp-pea flour blend, is expected to create new market opportunities within Canada’s plant-based food and ingredients value chain.

“As the largest and longest standing hemp food brand in North America, we are committed to providing our customers with the best hemp products available,” said Jared Simon, President, Manitoba Harvest. “Developing plant-based protein products with superior taste, functionality and nutrition aligns perfectly with our objectives as a brand, and we have a history of leadership at the farm level, working directly with growers to improve quality throughout the hemp supply chain.”