OmniActive Presenting Market Insights on Eye Health at GOED Exchange

Morristown, NJ—OmniActive will present insights regarding the market opportunity for macular carotenoids in conjunction with omega-3s at this year’s GOED Exchange, according to a press release, in a session called “Omega-3s And…” which will take place Wednesday, February 5 from 4:00pm-5:15pm. Brian Appell, Marketing Manager of OmniActive Health Technologies, will discuss the market growth potential for macular carotenoids, their role in the “eye-brain connection,” and how they work with omega-3s.

The release notes that the macular carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin isomers, are necessary for healthy vision: Lutein is preferentially deposited in the peripheral macula, RR-zeaxanthin in the mid-peripheral macula, and meso-zeaxanthin in the center of the macula. Macular carotenoids have also been shown to aid cognitive health.

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Appell said in the press release: “The science supporting the health benefits for both omega-3s and macular carotenoids on their own is solid, but when combined, there may be a synergistic effect that brings unique formulation possibilities. As the premier global forum to discuss the ‘what’s next?’ in omega-3, the GOED Exchange serves as the perfect platform to bring up the emerging opportunities that may come from this combination to fill consumer need gaps and spark new ideas to propel market expansion.”

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