Terra Ingredients Partners with IYA Foods

Raw fonio flour and seeds with a spoon on dark background. Alternative flour

Chicago, IL—Terra Ingredients has announced a partnership with IYA Foods, which a press release says is known for its “exceptional taste through the use of authentic, African-inspired flavors.”

IYA Foods has launched fonio flour, a rice flour alternative, made with 100% fonio from West Africa, provided by Terra Ingredients. Fonio flour is a gluten-free, non-GMO flour substitute with a high nutritional value.

Toyin Kolawole, CEO and Founder of IYA Foods, explained that the brand began as a way to provide exciting new healthy eating experiences for her family. “I tapped into my African heritage to find foods that provide great tasting nourishment to individuals looking for healthier options. Given Terra’s unmatched dedication to retaining the nutritional integrity of their ingredients, we are thrilled to partner and offer fonio to American consumers.”

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The partnership between IYA Foods and Terra Ingredients will ultimately include the launch of multiple co-branded products, the press release says. The companies are currently working to incorporate fonio into all of IYA Foods’ standard flours and baking mixes.

“At Terra Ingredients, we seek to partner up with dynamic, well-run food companies to introduce fonio to US households while still valuing the origins of the grain and promoting sustainable agriculture,” says Malick Diedhiou, who manages Terra’s brand partnerships, in the press release. “IYA Foods shares these objectives and works tirelessly to provide innovative, high-quality products to their customers.”