ECRM Trends to Watch: Gluten & Allergen Free, Keto & Plant-Based

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    ECRM is the driving force for buyers and sellers, and they put the right brands in front of the right buyers at the right time with end-to-end solutions that drive seamless product discovery, evaluation and purchase. They recently hosted their Gluten & Allergen Free, Keto and Plant-Based Food & Beverage Sessions, where companies were able to introduce their innovative brands and products to the right buyers. We met with many of the brands to get an insight on what buyers are looking for and see where the industry is headed.

    Check out some of the most note-worthy trends:

    Nuts & Seeds Full of Benefits

    GMSacha Inchi is popularizing the lesser-known super seed, Sacha Inchi. Sacha Inchi dates back over 3,000 years from the Incas in Colombia and Peru and has many health benefits associated with it. GMSacha Inchi is able to properly produce Sacha Inchi and remove the bitter taste from it, turning it into a healthy and delicious product, enhancing its taste and providing it in milk, snack, and powder form. Sacha Inchi is a natural superfood that is high in protein, omega 3, 6 and 9 and has all 9 essential amino acids.

    Pili Hunters brought the Pili Nut to North America. Aside from its rich, buttery taste and nutritional value, there are a few other factors that make Pili Nuts among the healthiest nuts in the world. It’s sustainably harvested from the wild. Pili Hunters Pili Nuts are 100% natural, keto, paleo, vegan friendly, as well as gluten-free and non-GMO. They contain 41g of fat, 2g of carbs per serving (56g). Plus, a ton of other nutrients like: magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and copper. They are fully sustainable and great for both you and this planet we all call home.

    Better-For-You Indulgences

    Freakin’ Wholesome are nut butter chocolate bites, where indulgence meets healthy. Their delicious chocolate bites are 4 layers deep. The first layer is a cookie base, the second layer is the nut butter filling, the third layer is a thin layer of dates, and the fourth is dipped in 75% dark chocolate. Freakin’ Wholesome has a 100% natural ingredient list, every aspect of the product is made in-house, down to the dark chocolate and nut butters they use. This is a vegan, non-GMO, kosher snack that contains no palm oils, no E-numbers and no junk.

    Pacific Cookie Company was founded in 1980 in Santa Cruz, CA. They are a women- and family-owned and -operated company. They use only the finest, local, all natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced to support local businesses while helping reduce their environmental impact at the same time. They remain focused on producing the highest quality all-natural product the market has to offer with unmatched consistency since 1980. After over 40 years, they continue to be ahead of the curve and heading in the right direction delivering on a variety of trends.

    Keto Friendly Products

    Guy Gone Keto provides keto-friendly condiments, from picnic pleasures to elegant dinners. Their line includes a variety of delicious sauces, all delicious and keto friendly. Thom King, the bestselling author and founder of Guy Gone Keto, began his experience with the promise of adding “savory healthy ingredients” with fresh, creative, innovative menu options for people with dietary restrictions. With a foundation in nutritional science, him and his team have formulated healthy ketogenic solutions that anyone can incorporate into their cooking, or experiment—all to stay healthy and even lose weight.

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    The Frozen Bean’s Keto Coffee amplifies energy for enhanced mental performance, allowing you to fuel your day the right way. They are a leading manufacturer of specialty desserts and beverages for the food service industry. They use only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, delivering products that far exceed the market in taste and quality. All seven of their delectable product lines can be served hot or cold with over 100 delicious flavors and counting! They have a wide selection of flavors from caffeine free to delightful chai, and coffee blends. All of their beverage treats can be blended with coffee, cold or hot water, or milk.

    The Future of Dairy

    Spero believes healthy food is a human right. Spero’s sunflower cheese is a delicious plant-based cheese that is available in a variety of flavors. Spero is creating the future of dairy with Sunflower Dairy. Spero’s products are made from seeds, which use 96% less water & land than nuts or traditional dairy. All Spero products are plant-based, allergen-friendly, and made with simple ingredients. Spero is female and disability founded, and believes healthy food is a human right.

    Plant Smart Food’s mission is to make fat-free, plant-based cheese in order to ward offheart disease, high blood pressure, and excessive weight. Their products are the world’s first fat-free plant-based cheese that has only 190 calories per pound and is dairy-free, oil-free, nut-free, seed-free, soy-free, and gluten-free. Their cheese complies with both Medicare approved heart disease reversal diets and is the first ‘zero point’ cheese per WW. It also has zero sugars per serving and is low in sodium while tasting delicious.

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    ECRM hosts many different programs across many different industries where the latest and greatest companies are able to showcase their amazing products. Stay tuned for many of their upcoming sessions.

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