Trends to Watch: ECRM Produce, Seafood, Meat  

    fresh produce

    It was wonderful to see the trends emerging from the ECRM programs for Produce, Seafood and Meat. Consumers want to know where their dollar is going, and they want to get the most for that dollar. With that in mind, they are looking for the freshest in fresh, but they also want something quick and convenient that they can whip up in their busy lives.

    Consumers want to know that their meat is pasture-raised, their produce is organic, their seafood is wild-caught, and so on. In order for companies to succeed and cut through the clutter, they need to be transparent on their packaging and labels and actually implement these important practices. This is how companies can appeal to their customers’ hearts and minds.

    We saw firsthand many of these trends and the companies that were apart of them:

    Convenience is King

    Newell Farmlands makes all-purpose, fresh herbal marinades using family recipes that go back three generations. All of their flavors use organic fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices blended together to create a very unique flavor to add zest and flare to your everyday dishes without compromising health or nutrition. So instead of chopping vegetables every time you want to cook, Newell Farmlands and just rub it on your protein. They are also sodium free, cholesterol free, fat free, no added sugars or preservatives.

    Prima Group focuses on their two main brands: Best Catch for seafood and SnackMe for all the other products. Best Catch’s main products are frozen shrimp, squid, octopus, tilapia, cod, crab meat, lobster. and various other fishes. They also import a range of products including value added seafood, vegan meat and healthier alternative to traditional fried chips. SnackMe offers “Ready to Cook” Snacks from home grown recipe.

    Increased Demand for Natural & Organic

    FMI’s The Power of Seafood 2022 reports sustainability certifications have an impact on half of seafood consumers purchase decisions, and that Fair Trade Certified is the most recognized seafood certification. They help food service companies, restaurants, hotels, colleges, universities, sports venues, airlines and distributors reach their sustainability goals and connect them with conscious consumer – via private label or by product line

    Teddy Bear Fresh is a supplier of fresh produce & dairy and many other foodservice items for school systems, health care facilities, correctional facilities, and restaurants on the Eastern Shore. Being on the Eastern Shore enables them to service accounts in this area with prompt delivery, fresher quality and better service. They are the prime supplier for farmers to distribute local product to our customers.

    Mr. Fresh Vegetables is the fourth generation of their family business in agriculture. They are dedicated to planting, harvesting and distributing only premium quality produce. They care a lot about quality which is the most important thing for them. Known for their conventional green asparagus, with more than 40 years of experience in agriculture, their asparagus is grown in Caborca Sonora, Mexico & Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico.

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