KeHE Launches New Tools for Supplier Partners

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Naperville, IL—KeHE Distributors is launching a new proprietary business intelligence tool for its supplier community: KeHE CONNECT Business Intelligence (BI).

CONNECT BI is a suite of tools intended to enable and facilitate sales growth, reduce administrative costs, improve efficiency, and provide transparency, according to a press release. It provides sales and financial summaries, inventory status updates, fill rates, and gap and void analyses all in one connected platform, allowing suppliers to make more informed data-driven business decisions.

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“We are excited to introduce the new value-added digital tools to our supplier community,” said Scott Weber, Executive Vice President of Commercial & Merchandising, in the press release. “By offering data-driven insights through our platform, we not only give suppliers a transparent view of their performance data at KeHE, but with layered in insights from our industry experts, we also provide turnkey solutions to support each supplier’s individualized goals and growth. Our goal is to help our suppliers gain an advantage in the marketplace and make data informed decisions by accessing information in a clear, affordable, and accessible program.”

The press release also cites a spokesperson from Serenity Kids, a KeHE supplier partner, who shared: “I appreciate that KeHE is constantly trying to improve its UI [User Interface] and reporting to manufacturers. As we grow as a company, there’s definitely an opportunity to take advantage of this data and I’m grateful that KeHE provides this level of visibility.”