Organic Corn and Soy to See Decline in Crop Area, Report Suggests

Silver Spring, MD—Organic farmers in the U.S. Corn Belt are expecting a decrease in this year’s corn and soy harvest thanks to a tough 2019, according to the September Monthly Market Update from Mercaris.

While overall harvested organic field crop acres will see a 7% increase over last year, the Corn Belt region will see a 10% decrease in organic corn and soybean area. Mercaris Director of Economics Ryan Koory said in a press release: “This year, U.S. organic crop producers have faced some unprecedented weather challenges, the results of which can clearly be seen in this year’s harvested acreage outlook. Adding to this, the acreage limitations are not likely to be helped in any way by yields, which are on track to further tighten the U.S. supply outlook.”

Courtesy of Mercaris.
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This may spark a resurgence in activity in import markets heading into next year. Koory added: “With a tightening U.S domestic supply outlook, it seems very likely purchasers will   turn to foreign markets to fill in any gaps. However, with the increasingly complex nature of U.S. organic imports it isn’t clear that the market will see a substantial increase in either organic whole corn or whole soybean imports. Rather, tracking organic cracked corn, and organic soybean meal imports will become even more crucial over the year to come.”

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