UFA Opens Enrollment for Upcycled Certification Program

Images courtesy of UFA.

Denver, CO—The Upcycled Food Association (UFA) has opened enrollment for its Upcycled Certification Program, according to a press release. The program is opening after more than a year of work with myriad stakeholders committed to reducing food waste by making use of all food.

The program lays out a set of rules establishing definitions for upcycled ingredients and products, providing a framework for companies to create and promote upcycled foods. Companies will be able to take advantage of standardized, reliable routes toward sourcing, using, and advertising upcycled foods; approved products will be allowed to use the Upcycled Certified mark that was unveiled in April. Consumers will benefit from the ability to purchase products that they know contain meaningful volumes of upcycled foods.

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The program has been beta tested since February; companies that participated have provided feedback, which has informed the UFA’s approach to rolling out the certification.

“Finally, companies can help mitigate food waste by participating in a straightforward, powerful program that turns food waste into new products and ingredients,” said UFA Co-founder and CEO Turner Wyatt. “Cutting food waste is the single-most effective thing people can do to address climate change. And today, thanks to the roll-out of this set of clear, uniform standards and protocols, reducing food waste becomes much easier. It’s an innovative approach because it’s the first consumer product-based solution, making it highly scalable and economically sustainable.”

Find out more at UFA’s website.