Green Mountain CBD Rebrands as Sunsoil, Intends to Expand

Vermont–Green Mountain CBD has changed their name to Sunsoil. According to the company, their name and logo has changed, but their mission to bring high quality, full spectrum CBD products is the same.
According to their website, the new name Sunsoil highlights their brand by expressing exactly what is used in making their products: sun and soil. The company says that the change gives them the ability to trademark their brand, protecting their customers.
Sunsoil has also recently received an investment by One Better Ventures, a North Carolina venture capital firm, who bought a small stake in the company, according to VT Digger. One Better Ventures has helped many companies such as Burt’s Bees, and Seventh Generation, grow.
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Jim Geikie, a partner of One Better Ventures explained what led to their investment in Sunsoil. “What attracted us to Sunsoil was Alejandro and Jake’s unwavering commitment to product quality,” Geikie explained. “They are intentional about everything they do and every detail matters. The market usually rewards this approach.”
VT Digger said that Sunsoil intends to use the money to double its acreage and employees.