Study: PlusCBD Oil Helps Improve Sleep, Reduce Appetite, Enhance Quality of Life

Photo by Brendan Cleak 2017. Used with permission from CV Sciences.

Las Vegas, NV—CV Sciences, Inc. announced in a press release that a clinical study has demonstrated its product’s ability to improve sleep, help reduce appetite, and enhance quality of life. The research was presented for the first time on June 15 at the International Society of Sports Nutrition’s 16th Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

The study was randomized, placebo-controlled and double-blind. 65 men and women who were overweight and healthy ingested either one PlusCBD Oil Gold Formula softgel or a placebo containing olive oil every day for six weeks. The study found that supplementation with PlusCBD Oil improved self-reported measures of sleep, quality of life, and appetite, while demonstrating no adverse effects.

Hector Lopez, M.D., C.M.O., and co-founder of the Center for Applied Health Sciences, which conducted the study, said in the release: “Collectively, these seminal findings in healthy subjects demonstrate that PlusCBD Oil supplementation can improve measures of sleep, reduce appetite, and enhance quality of life. This study is an important contribution for all stakeholders, as it represents the first randomized clinical trial that we are aware of regarding the safety and efficacy of multi-constituent hemp CBD extract in healthy human subjects, and we hope it will serve as a template for further research into the many potential benefits of this fascinating compound.”

Joseph Dowling, CEO of CV Sciences, said in the release: “According to the National Institutes of Health, more than one-third of adults report daytime sleepiness so severe that it interferes with work, driving, and social functioning at least a few days each month. As the industry leader, we are committed to advancing research and education to help more and more consumers realize the many benefits of hemp CBD supplementation.”

Douglas MacKay, SVP of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs at CV Sciences, added: “The Center for Applied Health Sciences collected additional data during the clinical trial, and we are looking forward to future analyses that explores how hemp CBD can create positive changes in human stress resilience, nervous system function, body composition, inflammation, as well as targeted gene expression.”


  1. I am a longtime user of CBD and I am very excited to see that a growing number of respectable clinical studies are being conducted on the efficacy of CBD. It’s also great to see companies in the health space, like Whole Foods, beginning to cover CBD more often.

    For any readers who are interested in learning more about Plus CBD’s products, I recommend this review from The CBD Insider: The CBD insider is an industry publication that I’ve trusted for the past several months when looking for unbiased reviews of CBD — something that consumers have sorely needed in the CBD space for a long time.


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