Fruit d’Or to Discuss Cranberry Sales, Testing at SupplySide West

Fruit d’Or announced in a press release that they will teach attendees how to generate greater sales with cranberry at SupplySide West 2019. Moderated by alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, presenters will be Complete Phytochemical Solutions CEO Christian Krueger and nutrition expert Derek Timm. The presentation will take place Thursday, October 17 from 3:30 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. at booth #1266, and will discuss the standardization, authentication and efficacy evaluation of cranberry proanthocyanins.

“This seminar will reveal some of the important ways we can maintain quality and protect our industry,” said Stephen Lukawski, director of Sales and Business Development for Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals, in a press release. “In addition to the sales and growth opportunities, one important take-away from this presentation is advice on advanced test methods for authentication and quantification that consumers can trust.”

On that last point, Krueger will be discussing news from AOAC International, which issued a Standard Method Performance Requirement, inviting scientists from around the world to submit analytic methods for quantifying and authenticating the soluble A-type PACS that are unique to cranberries. CPS submitted their methods for both, and, Krueger said in the press release, both tools were determined to meet the AOAC’s performance criteria, and were elevated to First Action Official Methods. The tools will be evaluated in the marketplace for up to two years.

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Krueger added: “This will change the landscape of cranberry analytics. While CPS has previously published these methods in other peer-reviewed scientific journals, the data did not satisfy the performance criteria set forth by the AOAC. There is more confidence now that our methods have been scrutinized by the experts and are considered acceptable for adoption and evaluation globally. It evens the playing field when everyone uses the same analytic method. It enables everyone to evaluate cranberry products without having to worry about differences caused by the analytic methods.”

Lukawski noted that Fruit d’Or uses CMS’s methods of testing for all its cranberry products. “To grow the industry beyond just UTIs, we need standardized advanced test methods. Companies should look for consistency in quality and control in their cranberry ingredients, from the farm to the time they are delivered to your facility. Equally important, every company needs to invest in more research and science before putting a claim on the label. No two cranberry products are the same. One ingredient or one formulation can’t ride the coattails of someone else’s good science.

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