INS Farms Obtains Distribution Rights of Asiros BerryShield Ingredients

Purdy, MO—Devon Bennett, Co-Founder of INS Farms, announced in a press release that INS has obtained exclusive distribution rights of all Asiros BerryShield ingredients for North America and Australia.

Asiros, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, specializes in berry extract ingredients, including tart cherry, bilberry, blueberry, strawberry, elderberry, red currant, and black current. Their BerryShield delivery system protects polyphenols from degradation, delivering more of the active content.

The press release says that the partnership strengthens INS’ position as a leading supplier of North American-grown elderberry for North American brands and consumers by allowing INS to ensure supply management of elderberry year-round.

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Bennett notes in the release that Asiros’ berry ingredients are useful for foods and beverages, as the powders “retain the vibrant colors, tastes, and aromas,” and are water-soluble and free of carriers.

He added that Asiros and INS “are very much aligned as berry ingredient suppliers that are vertically integrated, controlling the quality straight from the fields to the final delivery form. We are also both aligned with sustainability and environmentally friendly priorities, as well as transparency and traceability.”

Agnes Friese Skov, COO of Asiros, commented: “We welcome this partnership distribution with INS Farms to help us generate greater sales in North America. We look forward to working together in hopes of becoming the leading berry extract ingredient supplier to the North American Market.”